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What is Karate / Taekwondo ?

Many people are interested in knowing what is taekwondo. Actually, martial art is a means of self defense without utilizing any weapons and consists of dynamic defensive and offensive approachs that use various body components to strike at sensitive areas of one’s body for maximum advantage. This martial art came from in Japan.

Actually, the word kung fu is a combination of two Japoneses characters Kara and Te, where “Kara” means empty, and “Te” means hand.

kung fu as self-defense

In the past few decades, as the peopel became informed of what is martial art and its usefullness, karate has gained widespread attractiveness, and has become one of the most dynamic martial arts. Any trained karateka can simply coordinate both body and mind in a perfect way, which helps in unleashing great physical power anytime at will. Actually, a karateka does not become great just because of great physical strength, somewhat it is their ability to coordinate both body and mind that makes them great. Once this ability is formulated, even a smallest or weakest person feels as if he/she has remarkable energy within their body and can deliver devastating blow to any attacker.

taekwondo practice

It is divided into three components: Kata (simulating combat positions, and certain pre-arranged forms)Kihon (blocks, drilling of stances, punches, kicks, and strikes)Kumite (sparring)
In every category, the beginner gets detailed instructions from the master until these processs become spontaneous. The advancement in martial art techniques take time, and advanced practice requires greater stamina. Then, student learns more intricate karate processs and dynamic forms of “kumite”. As one reaches black belt level, stamina, technique, coordination, and speed become spontaneous. At this stage, students feel that their study of this interesting art of self protection has just begun.

The black belt process is one of the most important features of the this martial arts. This ranking system indicates the progression of any person to the next level. particular person has to meet certain requirements to move to the next level. This is done with the help of grading exam that also considers the time that has elapsed considering that last grading. Aside from that, when the instructor is satisfied that trainee has progressed, and has become proficient in certain taekwondo strategys, and has been constant in training, the trainee is give the next belt right after approval from instructor.

The biggest benefit of belt system is that it measures the progress, development, and presents rewards and incentives for learning and making efforts to become proficient in this martial art.

different advantages of martial art

In our every day lives we usually overlook the importance of exercise to both our psychological and physical wellbeing. Once you know what is karate, its continuous practice improves both mental and physical wellness. It develops coordination, tones up body, builds stamina, and quickens your reflexes.

Aside from that, serious practice of this martial art helps in building deeper insight, clearer thought process, sharp mind and much more self confidence. Actually, martial arts is not an end, but just a means to an end. Best of all, advance age is not at all any hindrance in learning this martial art. somewhat it boosts proficiency in the keen coordination of body and mind.

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