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BJJ Training



BJJ Training

A Clean Uniform is Required for Training in a BJJ Class

Whether you are training MMA, BJJ Training, or submission grappling the martial art student is involved in a contact sport with many other individuals. It is the desire of all who train to do so in a safe and clean environment. I know that Professor Tom Dinklage of Precision Martial Arts in Katy/Houston works hard to maintain a facility that is hygienically safe for training.


A very important part of maintaining a clean training environment is to make sure your BJJ Training GI is washed frequently. You may have the aspiration to someday achieve the status of a black belt – but this is the color of your belt and not the GI!!!!! Showing up for class in a GI that is still damp with sweat from a previous session is never acceptable. Your GI should be dry and clean before all training sessions. The same applies to your rash guard.

We all sweat – some more than others. If you do not break a sweat while training, you probably have not worked very hard. I would make sure that I brought an extra towel to class for no other reason than to make sure I could mop the mat where I had trained. Not only should your GI be dry and odor free when coming to class but you should also be dry and odor free. One other odor aspect to consider is your breath – bad breath just does not make it when training.

Make sure that your finger nails and toe nails are not only clean but also properly trimmed. One of the most annoying injuries that can happen when training BJJ is to receive a finger nail scratch. The scratch is not only unsightly, but easily prone to infection and depending on the severity of the scratch – painful. Also take a good look at your elbows and feet. If the skin is dry and cracked, take time to use skin care products that will clean and soften the skin in these areas.

A new hygiene(?) rule to follow that I have noticed on some school websites is asking that all students show up at class with hair washed and free of all hair products – especially those products that are gels or oils.


In all my years of studying BJJ, the absolute most disgusting thing to happen that would prevent me from training is finding out I had contracted a staph infection or ring worm only because someone I had trained with infected not only me – but everyone else.

What is Ringworm?
 Ringworm is not a worm at all but fungi which can affect not only the skin, but also the nails and scalp.
 Ringworm of the skin starts as a red, scaly patch or bump. Ringworm can be itchy and uncomfortable. It may begin to look like a ring or a series of rings that are raised, bumpy, and scaly with the center often being clear. This ring pattern gave ringworm its name, but not every person who is infected develops the ring.

Can I prevent Ringworm?
 The most common source of ringworm is contact with other people. Ringworm is highly contagious and is easily spread from one person to another. If you know you have contracted ringworm, absolutely do not train until the ringworm has cleared.
 Because fungi live on your skin it is very important that you shower after participating in any sport and wash your hands often if you are handling pets. (Cats and dogs are also likely sources for contracting ringworm.)
 If you discover that you do in fact have ringworm contact your doctor. There are medications that can be prescribed to help lessen the severity of ringworm.

What is Staph Infection?
 Staph is the shortened name for Staphylococcus, a type of bacteria. These bacteria can live harmlessly on many skin surfaces, especially around the nose and mouth. But when the skin is punctured or broken for any reason (a skin crack in your heel or elbow for example), staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause infection.

Can I Prevent a Staph Skin Infection?
 Cleanliness and good hygiene are the best way to protect yourself against getting staph and other infections..
 Bathing and showing daily are a must and washing hands needs to become a routine part of your day.
 Keep all areas of your skin that have been injured clean and covered until healed.
 If you contract a staph infection, you should not train. Seeing a doctor ASAP is important. Many bacteria have now become drug resistant and are difficult to treat. A staph infection is something you can not ignore.


Professor Tom Dinklage has always worked hard to maintain a safe and hygienically clean training environment. Although the ultimate responsibility for the cleanliness of a school rests with management, I personally feel it is the responsibility of all who train to assist in maintaining clean mats and equipment. Do your instructor a huge favor. Volunteer to clean mats either before or after class. Maybe taking on such a responsibility should be one of the required techniques for belt advancement IN BJJ TRAINING!!!!!!!!

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