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True Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Story

True Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Story


Precision Martial Arts student Jonathan Thurman wanted to learn self defense when he enrolled in classes at our school, but he had no idea he would have to call upon his newly acquired skills so quickly. Jonathan has been training for only 2 months in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class and is currently a white belt (but at this rate not for very long). Jonathan was at a downtown bowling ally last weekend when a drunk customer was rudely bothering his girlfriend. Jonathan kept a cool head and tried to avoid trouble, but the last straw came when the drunk guy became enraged that Jonathan’s girlfriend was not responding to his advances and threw a drink in her face!!

Self Defense situations Happen when you least expect them.

Now this was the last thin Jonathan was expecting when they went out for bowling that night. But here he found himself in a sticky situation. He was ready to use his self defense skills to protect a loved one if he had to. Still giving the drunk an option to avoid the fight Jonathan intervened and demanded an apology for what just happened. Of course he received a lot of profanity and insults instead. Next the guy tried to tackle Jonathan (big mistake) and he was forced to use his self defense techniques.

Self Defense techniques that work in real situations

One of the first self defense techniques that we teach in the BJJ class is the guillotine choke. It is both easy to apply and incredibly strong once it is locked on. When the drunk went to tackle Jonathan, he did not protect his neck and Jonathan seized his opportunity to apply his self defense move. He locked in in tight and started to squeeze. The attacker struggled and even tried to gouge his eye to get out but in was no use and he began to pass out. Once Jonathan felt his body begin to go limp he released the hold and quickly left the establishment to avoid further trouble.

Amazing Self Defense Facts

There are several things which are remarkable about this story which are a testament to the effectiveness of the Precision Martial Arts self defense programs. First of all Jonathan has only been training for 2 months and was able to use his techniques in a real fight successfully. Second, Jonathan is a small guy, about 150 pounds and was able to use his self defense moves on a bigger stronger attacker. Third, the move worked even though Jonathan was taken down and his attacker was on top of him. Fourth, he was able to completely incapacitate his attacker without throwing a single punch or kick. and Finally the “invincible” self defense moves like eye gouging, groin strikes, etc, had zero effect on Jonathan’s BJJ technique.

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