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MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Mastering the Choke

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Mastering the Choke

Many of our students who learn MMA in Katy or BJJ in Katy are exposed to a wide variety of effective self defense techniques. In MMA and BJJ we have an expression to describe the most effective moves and that is “high percentage” techniques. High percentage techniques are the ones that are easy to understand and execute. Once the MMA or BJJ practitioner applies the hold, the high percentage moves are difficult to defend and produce a quick ending to a self defense scenario.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – The Best Self Defense Move in Martial Arts

I tell my students that if I could only choose 1 move to take into battle and had to forget all of my other techniques, I would choose the choke. The choke is one of the first moves I learned and is one that I can apply regularly in practice. It is also a technique which has won numerous self defense encounter for myself and students over the years. It is arguably the strongest move in a MMA or BJJ practitioners arsenal.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Tip From the Expert MMA Fighter

Here is a video which offers a scientific analysis of teh choke performed by one of the greatest martial artists of all time!

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