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MMA in Katy, BJJ in Katy, Precision MMA

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Gracie Jiu Jitsu Demonstration

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Rickson Gracie on Fight Science

In this article on MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Rickson Gracie is featured on Fight Science, a program which gives an objective scientific analysis of MMA, BJJ, and various other martial arts.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – The Effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Master Rickson films this demonstration in a laboratory on a crash dummy in order to accurately measure the force applied in the technique. Rickson’s hold which is called the “crucifix” is a devastating technique which can be observed in the video.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Leverage Defeats Strength and Size

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enables a weaker person to skillfully protect themselves against a heavier, stronger, more aggressive opponent with the proper application of leverage. To learn the secrets of MMA in Katy or BJJ in Katy, call 713-409-4030 to schedule your FREE TRIAL!

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