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MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy / Precision MMA in Katy

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Secrets of Escaping

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Secrets of Escaping


In this installment of MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy we visit a seminar from last year taught by Precision Martial Arts instructors Tom Dinklage, Warren Maurer, and Todd Robertson. The discuss in detail the best ways to escape from underneath an opponent who has pinned you from the side control position.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – The Priniples You Must Know

The first video segment discusses 3 essential ideas; hip movement, head protection, and the magic 45 degreee angle.

The hip movement drill displays how to minimize a common problem which is allowing your body to create too much friction on the ground, which slows down the escape. Regular practice of this drill will enable you to use less energy and become more fluid with your hip movement.

The second concept is absolutely crucial and that is not allowing the top person to hold your head. This reduces the amount of weight he can place on your head and also protects your face from strikes in self defense or mma scenarios.

The Third idea is the 45 degree angle. This refers to redirecting his body weight or balance at a 45 degree angle before starting your escape. This principle of off balancing before starting the technique will enhance almost any movement whether standing up or on teh ground

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – FREE TRIAL

Precision MMA in Katy offers a free trial which includes a free consultation, a free private lesson and a 60 day money back guarantee. To begin learning MMA in Katy or BJJ inKaty call 713-409-4030.

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