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MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Secret of Escaping Part 4

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy Part 4 – Secrets of Escaping

This article on MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy focused on the North / South position. This particular hold is bar non the most difficult control position to escape from and the one the coaches at Precision MMA  in Katy get the most questions about.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Principle #1 of Escaping

This first principle in the video involves a technique known as “praying mantis” hands.The grip alleviates a great deal of the pressure that the the person on top can apply and allows the BJJ practitioner to coil the legs to apply leverage to spin out from underneath and hunt for a submission.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Principle #2 of escaping

The Second Principle of escaping involves neutralizing the top persons grips. The BJJ / MMA practitioner creates a barrier around the opponents arms and rolls backwards to either take the back or use a pendulum hip swing to improve his position

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – Principle #3 of Escaping

The Third Principle of escaping involves easily rolling teh opponent. The BJJ / MMA practitioner lifts up on teh feet of teh opponent for a simple reversal.

MMA in Katy / BJJ in Katy – FREE TRIAL

Precision MMA in Katy offers a FREE TRIAL! Call Now 713-409-4030 to begin your FREE TRIAL in MMA in Katy or BJJ in Katy.

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