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BJJ for Kids in Houston, TX 77095

BJJ For Kids In Houston, TX 77095

BJJ For Kids In Houston, TX 77095

Nomar Bully situation

Nomar had a real life bully situation today and had to utilize the techniques he learned at BJJ for Kids in Houston, TX 77095.While bowling in p.e. class he accidentally hit a kid who was standing in the path of the bowling ball, the kid started calling him lots of bad names but nomar quickly used his self defense techniques he learned from Coach Tom @ BJJ forKids in Houston, TX 77095.

BJJ for Kids In Houston, TX 77095 – Non- Violent Resolution to Conflict

He(nomar) stood in base and stared him down and(raised his voice) told him to leave him alone. The kid slowly looked down and backed away leaving him alone……

BJJ for Kids in Houston, TX 77095 – Parents Relieved with the outcome

I’m happy that the situation was quickly controled by him(nomar) and no punches or chokes were
thanks coach Tom !!!!
If you are interested in empowering your child with the confidence to protect himself from bullies using non violent methods of self defense, you need to go to Coach Tom’s class!! He specializes in teaching BJJ for Kids in Houston, TX 77095
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