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BJJ in Houston

The Godfather of BJJ in Houston

Carlos Machado (Redondo Beach CA 1994) started BJJ in Houston

Carlos Machado (Redondo Beach CA 1994) started BJJ in Houston

Carlos Machado Started BJJ in Houston

BJJ in Houston would not exist if it were not for the efforts of Carlos Machado. Carlos is a bonified Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master who is the nephew of the late Carlos Gracie aka the creator of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. One would have to scour the four corners of the earth to find a martial artist with more knowledge and ability than Carlos Machado. Rolling with Carlos is akin to having a light saber battle with master Yoda of Star Wars…you know he is going to kill you, but the experience is still amazing.

I had the good fortune to have my first private lesson in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Carlos Machado way back in 1994. He and his brothers had opened up a small school in Redondo Beach. It was a grungy 1,000 square feet space with a mat and nothing else, but the Jiu Jitsu instruction there was amazing! The mats were full of people just like myself eager to gain the skills that the Machado brothers were willing to share. That first experience had such a profound impact on me (little did I know at the time). From that moment on Jiu Jitsu was my addiction and I was on a quest of self mastery and self perfection that continues to this day.

BJJ in Houston is Born

Earlier I mentioned that there was a lot of magic taking place at Tim Mousel’s school and there were many good grapplers were growing out of this place. It improved even more when Carlos Machado decided to move to Dallas, TX. He took a job with Chuck Norris and had a school on the set of the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger. All of the serious guys from Houston began taking trips to Dallas to roll with and learn from Carlos. This correspondence took place over the course of several years. In addition to maintaining a school in Dallas, Carlos was now more accessible on the local seminar circuit and he made frequent trips to Houston for these events. Carlos also began promoting BJJ tournaments with the official IBJJF rules which were the first true BJJ Events in the state.

BJJ in Houston Now

Thanks to the early efforts of Carlso Machado Houston is home to numerous BJJ Black Belts today. Alvis Solis, Eric Williams, Pat Hardy, Robert Solis, Ziggy, Travis Tooke, Anthony Bernabeo, Toby Mills, Calvin Carter, Darren McCall, Eddie Avelar, Tony Torres-Aponte, Ricco Rodriguez, Tom Dinklage, and many others have all been directly influenced by his Jiu Jitsu instruction. Today BJJ in Houston is one of the most widely practiced martial arts.

Carlos Machado (Redondo Beach CA 1994) started BJJ in Houston
Carlos Machado (Redondo Beach CA 1994) started BJJ in Houston

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